industrial application of quartz

QUARTZ main - The Department of Geological Sciences The principle industrial use of quartz is in the manufacture of ... These unique applications are possible because quartz has no center of symmetry and thus ... » Request a quotation

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QUARTZ CRYSTAL (INDUSTRIAL) QUARTZ CRYSTAL (INDUSTRIAL) ... special optical applications. Virtually all quartz crystal used for electronics was cultured rather than natural crystal. » Request a quotation

Crucibles for Industrial Applications - Saint-Gobain Quartz Many industrial processes require high temperature resistant containers that are chemically inert and resistant to thermal shock. Saint Gobain Quartz offers an ... » Request a quotation

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Industrial Uses for Crystals | eHow Industrial Uses for Crystals. Early civilizations used crystal sands of quartz, garnet, diamonds and other crystals as abrasives to saw blocks of rock and stone ... » Request a quotation